How to Become a Pro at Flyer Marketing

November 01, 2016
by Susan Le |

We want to do all we can to help you prepare for your upcoming programs, so that you can reach your program goals when it's game time! 



Follow these flyer tips to maximize your program success:

Carefully review the district's flyer approval guidelines - Failure to do so can delay the distribution of your program information. Read each district's flyer approval guidelines carefully and adjust your flyer accordingly to increase the chances of approval.

Allow the school district at least 1-2 weeks to review your flyer - Don't wait until the last minute to request flyer approval - plan ahead and select a future distribution date so that your flyer is approved and ready to go once the selected date arrives.

Select multiple months for your campaign duration - Your flyer is posted to the school's website for the entire selected duration and is emailed to parents every 30 days during this period, which means more exposure for your program. Plus, when you select a duration of more than one month, each additional month is 40% off!


Focus on your value proposition - Conveying the value of your program is not only helpful in getting your flyer approved, but is also important in convincing parents to register their child for your activity. Illustrate the impact that your organization makes in the lives of students by including program benefits, testimonials, and powerful visuals.

Create your campaign today and use these flyer marketing best practices to ensure that your flyer actually gets in the hands of parents this season. For more information about how to reach more parents using Peachjar, visit

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