Understanding Flyer Metrics and Industry Averages

November 15, 2016
by Susan Le |


Unlike paper flyers, sending your flyer digitally through Peachjar lets you see how many parents you're actually reaching and how many of them are engaging with your content - right from your account! As your resource for digital marketing, we're here to help you understand what these flyer metrics mean so that you can truly measure the success of your campaign. Check out this quick guide to Peachjar's digital flyer metrics:

Open Rate: The number of unique email opens divided by the total number of successfully delivered emails. The average open rate for educational emails is 21.7%, while Peachjar's average open rate is 38.2%.

Click-Through Rate: The number of unique clicks on your flyer divided by the total number of successfully delivered emails. The average click-through rate for educational emails is 2.7%. Peachjar's average click-through rate is 4.6%.

What is a Unique Open or Click? Emails can be opened or clicked multiple times by the same user. Unique Opens and Unique Clicks refers to the number of individual emails that opened or clicked your flyer, respectively.

Flyer Metric Tip: Use bright colors, large font types, and child-centric images to attract more parents to your digital flyer and boost your click-through rate!

For more detailed information regarding flyer metrics, see our User Guide. To view the metrics for your flyers, log in to your account and click "My Recent Flyers". For a more comprehensive overview, click "Flyer Metrics".

Start your campaign today to begin tracking the success of your flyer marketing efforts!

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