Maximizing Digital Flyer Results With Online Registration

August 10, 2017
by Gary Tuch |

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We know, it’s tempting to offer 1000 ways for parents to register. But the end result is disorganization and unhappy parents. It’s the 21st century… time to get online. Study after study shows the move from offline to online registration as being your customers aka parents’ preferred method. When there is more than one option, you will inevitably find yourself in a pickle.

Online registration is even more effective when parents receive paperless flyers. Sending digital flyers with Peachjar enables you to get right in the inbox of your parents. Don’t make them go offline - keep them engaged with a link to your online registration page.Here are some instant benefits to combining digital flyers with online enrollment.

Save Time

Moving your registration process should save you hours upon hours each week. This is not a small matter when considering how many other items need your attention. E.g. hiring teachers, developing curriculum, marketing to parents, etc.

Increases Accuracy

Remove the human error from the equation and guarantee parents pay the right amount, and participants are on the right roster. More importantly transferring emergency contact details or allergy information from paper registration can be very risky, so moving things online will help you sleep well at night.

Makes Parents Happy

Happy parents means a happy you. When you make things tough for parents you’ll end up with angry emails and calls. When moving things online parents are able to register conveniently without having to worry about full classes, delayed check deposits, or lost notifications about classes.

Grow Your Bottom Line

Studies show online payments increases how much people spend i.e. parent enroll in more activities when signing up online. Why? Because it’s convenient, fast, and generally more secure than other forms of registration.

No Papercuts

It is impossible to get a papercut using online registration software. Think of all the money you’ll save on bandaids.

It can be difficult to know which afterschool management software will be best for you and your program. With so many options out there, how do you choose the best one? What features are important? What features will waste your time? There are many features that you’ll never use, so why pay for them? How do we know what features are essential to any program? The bottom line is… After school management software features should not be cumbersome to use, they should help you run your program efficiently and easily.

Easy Registration For Parents

A huge factor should be the ease of use for your parents. How easy will it be for parents to register for all your activities with multiple kids. Don’t overlook this. The easier it is for your parents to use, the less headache for you.

Liability Waivers

Whether you’re a school administrator or running your own small business, it is really important to set program policies for your parents. You should look for a solution that requires parents to accept your waivers before they register.

Automated Rosters and Waiting List

If your rosters aren’t generated automatically when parents register, then you’re just wasting your time. When looking for software, don’t just make sure that rosters will be generated automatically; make sure you can edit rosters manually. 

Simple Parent Communication

You’ll need to touch base with parents every now and then. Make sure your software provides you with easy to use tools to manage communication within the platform.

Quick Payment Collection

Collecting payments should be a hassle free and smooth process with any good registration software. Your goal should be to collect and track payments as easily as possible in the safest manner.

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