Top Marketing Channels to Reach Parents

September 27, 2018
by Cecelia Schwartz |

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Wondering what the best marketing channels are for reaching parents? They’re a busy, on-the-go group and the marketing channels you choose can make or break your campaign! Here are some marketing channels that work, so you can reach more parents and make your next campaign a success.

Social Media

According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, parents are using Facebook a lot! In fact, 75% log on daily, including 51% who do so several times a day. This means that social media is a fantastic channel for reaching parents. If your organization doesn’t have a social media page yet, now is the time to set one up! Parents will feel more familiar with your brand if they see you actively interacting with them on social media, posting fun photos and videos of your programs, and being responsive to questions and messages. Social media ads are effective for targeting parents because you can tailor ad audiences for specific life events (like a new baby), purchasing behavior, and even household composition (such as a new teen driver, or a multiple children).

Digital Flyers

Peachjar is a digital flyer communication platform that communicates directly with parents through their child’s school. This makes it a trusted channel that parents can rely on for receiving valuable information about after school programs and events. Peachjar’s digital flyers are sent to parents’ email inboxes and allows them to take action on flyers through online registration pages, contacting organizations, and more directly from their smartphone. Parents have the ability to share Peachjar flyers to their social media pages and add important dates on flyers to their online calendars. The burden of having to keep track of permission slips and forms is eliminated, too! Learn more about how to reach more parents using Peachjar.

Email Marketing

Reaching parents via email is an effective way to get the word out about your programs and events because it allows parents to interact with your brand on the go. Remember how busy parents are? Email marketing fits well into their fast-paced lifestyle and won’t slow them down. Tailor your email campaigns to specific segments by collecting important information and leads. This will ensure that your emails feel personalized and relevant to your audience. Send out fun emails about program recaps, reminders, and important information about your program. You can even personalize emails for customers on their children’s birthdays or for specific holidays. Reaching parents via email is a great way to build familiarity with your brand.

By taking the time to choose the most effective channels for reaching parents, you’re headed for success in your marketing campaign!

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