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    Kristin MacLaughlin is helping to drive the conversation of digital parenting as VP of Consumer Marketing at Zift. Kristin has a passion for introducing parents to products and strategies that inform, inspire, and help children think and learn differently. In addition to authoring blogs and parenting guides, she has led the product development teams for several global content providers of children's educational products, featured on PBS and QVC.
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    October 15, 2018

    7 Important Steps to Help School Administrators Keep Children Safe Online

    Parents, teachers and school administrators can all play a part in keeping elementary, middle and high school students safe online. By having age-appropriate conversations about the dangers of social media and online predators, adults can better prepare children for the risks of online activity. Kids need to know that everything put online can be accessed by others, even when only shared with people they know.  It’s easy ...

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    By Kristin Maclaughlin

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