How to Prepare your Students for College - Important Life Skills Not Taught in Class

    December 30, 2016
    by Rhea O'Connor |

    We all know that top-notch colleges are looking for students with stellar academic records and high participation in extracurricular activities, but what are some of the more "soft skills" that will help a student succeed in college? We've compiled a list of important skills that contribute towards college success, and how you as educators can help your students succeed in these areas.

    1. Money management - For many students, college is the first time that they will need to be financially responsible for themselves. Help students by offering them classes in how to manage their finances, or get them involved in their own college savings program. Having skin in the game (ie paying for part of their tuition) will help them appreciate their education and make them more likely to not slack off (repeating classes=more money!).
    2. Nutritional knowledge - Health plays an important role in college success. One can't attend class, let alone pull marathon studying sessions if he or she is malnourished or combating a cold every other week. Offer students opportunities to learn how to build a solid weekly menu and how to cook a balanced meal.
    3. Conflict resolution - As students leave home and go out on their own, they will have less support in the way of how to handle their relationships, and the conflict that may surround them. Offer students opportunities to learn how to manage their relationships, approach conflict in a healthy manner, and how to ultimately be a positive and productive person that others want to be around.
    4. Finding a job - Often times, schools focus on how to apply and interview for college, but what about how to find and interview for that college job? Chances are they'll have to start earning some dough before college is over, teach students where to look for these opportunities and how to properly interview for them.
    5. Time management - While high school does prepare many to manage their studies, after school activities, family and friends, it doesn't take into account the addition of the newly found freedom that comes with college. Help your students understand that a healthy work/life balance will be critical to their success, and teach them how to attain that.

    As educators, you play such an important role in the future of today's students. Thank you for continuing to shape the lives of our future's leaders!

    By  Rhea O'Connor, Marketing Manager at Peachjar


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