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    6 Ways to Engage Supporters This #GivingTuesday

    November 20, 2017
    by Cecelia Schwartz |

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    Mark your calendars because November 28th is #GivingTuesday!  This international day dedicated to promoting generosity and charitable acts inspires individuals to donate to important causes and organizations.  Here are some helpful ways to structure your #GivingTuesday campaigns to inspire donations and engage your supporters.

    Create easily accessible ways for supporters to donate: Consider putting a donate button on your organization’s website to provide an easy-to-find place for supporters to donate.  Websites like are a great tool to create a Giving Tuesday donation page to link on your website and social media pages.  Be sure to make this page easy to find and easily recognizable!

    Post an #UNSelfie: The purpose of the #UNSelfie movement for Giving Tuesday is to focus posts around giving and selfless acts, rather than typical social media selfies.  Encourage your supporters to post their own #UNSelfies, highlighting the reason why they’re donating to your organization and your cause.  

    Produce inspiring content: A great way to increase donations is through powerful visual content.  High-quality visual content is eye-catching and will set your organizations apart from others.  Photos of community members engaging with your program and team are great to include in your Giving Tuesday campaign.  Another idea is to film a video montage of your existing supporters voicing why they donate to your organization.  These are effective ways to communicate your brand’s goals and mission to potential donors.

    Make a clear call-to-action: Be sure that your campaign’s content is clear and easy to act on.  Include words that spur some form of action on your campaign content, such as sharing a Facebook post, retweeting a tweet, or donating via a donate button—call on your supporters to take action!  If posts are too vague or general, sometimes supporters may not recognize how to act on these posts.

    Share your progress: Donors love to see how their support has helped your organization.  A great way to display this on your website and social media pages is by including a live fundraising thermometer that will report donation numbers and progress.  By doing this, you can motivate supporters to help reach your fundraising goals.

    Communicate your mission: #GivingTuesday isn’t just about monetary donations!  This day is also a great opportunity to spread your organization’s mission statement and reach new potential supporters.  Encourage your existing network of supporters to help spread awareness about your cause and the people you serve.

    We hope these ideas will help maximize your organization's success and make the most out of your #GivingTuesday campaign to meet your fundraising goals.  To learn more about Giving Tuesday visit

    What are the ways your organization is participating in #GivingTuesday this year?