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    A Peachy Conference Season - NACAC/Skyhawks 2023 Wrap-Up

    October 06, 2023
    by Peachjar |

    Another NACAC and Skyhawks Conference in the books!

    At Peachjar our core mission is to connect parents to vital resources in their communities that can help develop their children’s social, emotional, and academic skills. We partner with districts and community organizations to strengthen connections for these communities. When we attend conferences, we get to see and connect with people whose mission is intertwined with ours.

    We had two back-to-back conferences in September where we had a ton of fun seeing some familiar faces and spreading our core mission. 


    NACAC was a whirlwind for our Manager of National Partnerships, Alex Meysman, and our Marketing Campaign Strategist, Colin Viti. Maybe both figuratively and literally with the bad weather from Tropical Storm Ophelia that set in towards the end of the conference! We had a great time seeing so many familiar faces, but meeting many new ones as well. For anyone who came up to our booth and visited, you’ll be happy to hear that this year for Halloween Peachy is dressing up as a pumpkin.

    Alex and Colin at NACACNACAC sign with Peachy


    Alex also got to attend the Skyhawks Conference in Minneapolis. Alex got to participate in awesome activities all week with fellow conference attendees. This included the Skyhawks “Day of Play” at the Minnesota Vikings practice facility. The Skyhawks “Day of Play” is a completely free event for kids ages 6-12 to play fun sports games all day.

    “Attending the Skyhawks conference and participating in their “Day of Play” showcased the profound impact we can make on the community and the next generation,” said Meysman. “Organizations like Peachjar and Skyhawks play a vital role in facilitating essential programs for children’s development, ensuring education extends beyond the classroom.”

    Alex had a blast and is already excited for next year!

    Kids high fivingAlex at Day of Play

    Skyhawks Day of Play Group Photo

    Each time we have the chance to look back at the end of a conference we always feel grateful for the connections we’ve made, both new and old. Whether it’s a partner of ours, someone just learning about us for the first time, or a friend providing feedback, we appreciate everyone who takes the time to chat with us. We are excited for all the conferences yet to come! Keep an eye for for future conferences we’re attending and come say hi when you see us.

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