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    How to Generate Positive PR for Your District

    June 20, 2017
    by Rhea O'Connor |


    We all know that positive press is important for your district's reputation, and for drowning out any negative press that may surface. But how do you go about creating that positive press? We've put together some ideas for how you can get the word out about the amazing things happening in your schools. 

    • Good Communication is the Foundation of Good PRRemember that PR stands for public relations - so think about how your district portrays itself to the public. Ensure phone calls are promptly returned and that the community is kept informed about events and district updates. This will also ensure that you don't miss an opportunity for PR when it presents itself!
    • Create a Culture of Good News - Empower staff members and parents at each of your schools to report on good news. Send out monthly reminders for them to be on the lookout for teachers who are going above and beyond, students who are being good stewards in the community, and awesome events that are being held at your schools. 
    • Improve a Process  - Track how this new process is improving key performance indicators for your district and share the improvements with your community. Bonus - use this technique for an improvement that has already taken place! Think back on previous projects, measure their contributions, and report on their success.
    • Adopt New Technology - Showing that your district is progressive is a great way to garner attention from the media. Consider devices for the classroom, 3D printing, virtual reality, or take a manual process and make it digital (like say, taking your paper flyers digital with Peachjar?! Learn more).
    • Offer Free Resources to Parents - Consider ways that your district could offer meaningful resources to your community. Connect parents to free meal programs, hold parenting programs, offer scholarships or fundraise for families in need.
    • Disseminate the News - Now it's time to spread the word! 
      • Write a press release - There are many platforms, but we like PR Web
      • Get in touch with your local newspaper - Email articles, newsletters and invite the media to your events!
      • Send it through Peachjar - Use our flyer templates to create and distribute a colorful flyer to parents.
      • Include it in your newsletter - Use one of Canva's many free layouts. 
      • Email it to parents - Use MailChimp's email service, if you don't already have one.
      • Write a blog - Create one on Wordpress
      • Post on social media - Share it across your platforms, and consider paying to boost your post. 
      • Share it on campus - At an assembly, at back to school night or put it on your marquee. 

    Once you've established how you are going to gather and disseminate news, keep it up! Consistency will further establish your brand and elevate your district's reputation in the community. Contact us if you would like help generating buzz for your district! 

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