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    Peachjar Helps Junior Giants Hit It Out The Park

    September 07, 2022
    by Peachjar |

    The Giants Community Fund and Peachjar have been partnered together for quite some time. Peachjar helps the Giants Community Fund spread the message of their programs that use baseball and softball to promote health, education, and character development to propel youth in underserved regions to be positive forces in their communities. Specifically, Peachjar helps elevate Junior Giants, which is the flagship program of the Giants Community fund. 

    Junior Giants uses the power of the game to introduce important lessons in character development, health, education and bullying prevention while also eliminating financial barriers that limit accessibility to youth sports. Over 80 leagues in underserved communities across California, Oregon, and Nevada host the program each summer. 

    “What makes Junior Giants different is that we are free, co-ed, and noncompetitive,” said Giants Community Fund Senior Coordinator of Communications, Chrissy Camilleri. “We are really giving kids the opportunity to play who wouldn’t necessarily have that opportunity while providing uniforms and literally everything else that they might need for 8 weeks during the summer.” 

    In 2022, across all of their programs, the Giants Community Fund reached over 26,000 children which was an all-time high for the program. “Partnering together and being able to help an organization like the Giants Community Fund that has such a far and wide impact on children in their community is a really exciting thing for Peachjar,” said Peachjar CEO, Mike Durham. “Peachjar being used as a tool that helps the Giants Community Fund reach families more effectively and efficiently to provide a service that brings such a positive impact to children's lives, is the exact use case for Peachjar that we have always envisioned.”

    Boy high-fiving his team on a baseball field

    Why Peachjar

    When working to develop their recruitment strategy, Junior Giants recognized that many schools were opting to move to a digital route of communication as opposed to paper flyers due to a growing desire to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. “In the past, we’d print the flyers free of charge then send them to the schools for distribution and a lot of schools turned them away,” said Camilleri. “With the inclusion of Peachjar, we have been able to have more accessibility to reaching families in those schools and providing them with our free services that promote play, learning, and character development.”

    “Peachjar is great for organizations who are really trying to advocate for free resources in their community or get their word out about their organization, especially in the non-profit space,” said Camilleri. “It has been really crucial for us.”

    Three Young Baseball Players in Giants Jerseys

    What Does Peachjar Do Exactly?

    Peachjar gives organizations focused on child enrichment like the Giants Community Fund a way to send flyers promoting their programs to families through their own local school districts. Schools approve the flyers that are submitted and then those flyers are sent out to parents alongside the school’s own flyers each day. 

    These flyers get great engagement compared to other methods because the schools are a trusted source of information to parents. Organizations can insert call-to-action buttons in their flyers as well as have access to metrics that let them know how well their flyer is being received.

    These details can help organizations improve their flyer design as well, as not all flyers are created equally. Flyers made with proper design are going to be more effective than flyers created improperly. Read our best practices on how to make a flyer on Peachjar reach its full potential!

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