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    Not Ready to Go Totally Digital? 4 Baby Steps You Can Take Today!

    March 09, 2017
    by Rhea O'Connor |

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    In today’s ever changing world of technology, many school districts struggle to stay on top of current digital trends while balancing strict operational budgets. A survey of 150 education leaders conducted by Education Dive, found that budget limitations were the #1 road block when implementing new technology. So how can school districts implement modern technology on a budget? We've come up with 4 easy and free ways that your district can "test the digital waters". 

    1. Write a Blog. Blogs are a great place to share best practices with other educators. It’s also a great opportunity to grow your content and strengthen your SEO. Consider writing about a challenge your district overcame, a heartwarming story, or simply write about an amazing event you held! Blog platforms such as Wordpress are free and easy to set up. Once you’ve started blogging, consider linking to your page from your school or district website.
    2. Email your Newsletter. According to a Blackboard survey, 81% of parents prefer to receive school information via email, so why not meet them where they are? Paper copies are costly, time-consuming to hand out, and ultimately may never make it home. Try sending your newsletter to parents for free through Mailchimp.
    3. Create an Online Registration Form. Create a free Google Form to collect parent information. Once you’ve created the form, you can hyperlink it from your school or district website. Additionally, you can text the link to parents using your emergency notification system with a request for parents to update their emergency contact information. Click here to view an example emergency contact form. 
    4. Shoot a Facebook Live Video. Anyone with a smart phone can take advantage of this growing trend! Consider recording a live announcement, interviewing someone influential in the community, or capturing a highly-anticipated event. Any way you spin it, video is a great way to captivate your audience and increase your chances of going viral. Check out our webinar on how to shoot your own videos.  

    Ready to take it to the next level? If you have just 10 hours your district can save time (Clover School District saves 96 hours per school per year) and money (Brevard County Schools saved over $170,000 in its first 7 months) by making the switch from paper to digital flyers with Peachjar! We look forward to working with you!

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