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    Warmin’ up with ways to engage in February!

    January 28, 2022
    by Peachjar |

    While it may be the shortest (and in some places the coldest) month of the year, February isn’t lacking in activities with holidays, educational moments, cultural celebrations, and other fun events. No matter where you are, you can break the winter blues and connect with your community throughout the month. Need some inspiration? Check out the ideas below for some ways to connect.

    Black History Month is in February and offers a number of ways to engage and learn! From culturally significant events to individuals who fought for and ushered in change for generations to come, there's always more to learn and discuss. If your community hosts local events, such as talks, film screenings, or book events, share that with families in your district. Learning is an incredible tool in and out of school and also a great way for family and friends to bond! If you're looking for some additional resources to share, check out this blog on teacher resources. 

    Providing resources via social media is a great way to create an open line of communication with your community—you can post trivia questions, fun facts, or educational information. Know of a museum, library, or book store hosting supplemental talks, readings, webinars, or other fun activities? This is a great place to share that! Send flyers home to parents with information regarding influential leaders for Black History Month or about engineers who changed the world.

    Challenge families to have conversations about the importance of making the world a better place, incorporating more acts of kindness into their days, testing out their engineering skills by building a Rube Goldberg machine. Encourage your district families to share these challenges with you and highlight them when you can!

    Chinese New Year
    February 10th rings in the Year of the Wood Dragon as the Lunar New Year is celebrated. Take this holiday as an opportunity to discuss culture within your district. Are there any celebrations in your community? Share them to your district's social media so other families can partake. You can also ask if families celebrate and to share their traditions. Considering sharing some facts about what to expect for the year ahead and some traits for the year. 

    Date Key Event
    All Month Black History Month
    February 2nd Groundhog Day
    February 6th - 10th National School Counseling Week
    February 14th Valentine’s Day
    February 17th Random Acts of Kindness Day
    February 19th - 25th Engineer’s Week
    February 20th  President’s Day

    Download our free templates to help you get started engaging with these events.


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