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    Midsummer Fun and July Engagement

    June 29, 2022
    by Peachjar |

    Happy July! We are in the midst of the summer and we hope you're enjoying it! For some, it probably feels like school has just wrapped up while others are preparing their plans for back to school. Are you working on your district’s communication plan for the next school year? Right now is a great time to establish goals and determine how you want to tell your district story. Maybe you’re breaking this up by grade level or by school level, planning for open houses, meet the teacher nights, or college planning information sessions. We’re right there with you, working on some fun things for the start of the school year so stay tuned! 

    Do you start to feel the summer slump after the fourth of July? This feeling is felt by others, too, and led to July being celebrated as Anti-Boredom Month. If you’re feeling a little stir crazy from the summer after most events have been hosted, this is a great opportunity to embrace new summer activities to shake off the dullness of the day. Keeping children and their minds engaged is key to keeping summer learning loss in check, as well as helping them to build social and emotional skills.  If you need some inspiration, we compiled this blog of fun summer activities. Asking your school community how they shake off the summer slump is a great way to get ideas for things happening in your local area as well as having a great conversation! 

    July is also National Make a Difference to Children Month, which is the ultimate goal for you and us, alike. This month seeks to highlight the vulnerability children face when they aren’t given proper guidance from adults. This is a great opportunity to highlight some of your school staff in a communication to parents! Whether those staff members are teachers, nurses, coaches, or beloved members around the district, they make an impact on students each day and inspire them. When you share stories about how they guide students, you connect your community with those stories. This can also excite families about school staff members they love as well as introduce them to ones they haven’t met yet, keeping students excited about school and maybe less nervous about the upcoming school year.

    This month offers a lot of fun, too! Did you know that this is National Ice Cream Month? It’s certainly fitting for one of the hottest months of the year! This is a great opportunity to highlight your local ice cream shops, or start a fun social media poll of favorite ice cream flavors. If you’re preparing for new families to join your district, consider hosting an ice cream social for them to meet members of the district’s team and each other. July also celebrates International Plastic Bag Free Day, Independence Day, World Chocolate Day, International Self-Care Day, and International Day of Friendship. There’s so many opportunities for engagement in July, who could be bored? Let us know how your community stays connected in the summer!


    Date Key Event
    All Month National Make a Difference to Children Month
    All Month National Ice Cream Month
    All Month Anti-Boredom Month
    July 3 International Plastic Bag Free Day #plasticfree
    July 4 Independence Day #fourthofjuly
    July 7 World Chocolate Day #worldchocolateday
    July 16 National Ice Cream Day #icecreamday
    July 17  World Emoji Day #worldemojiday
    July 24 International Self-Care Day #selfcareday
    July 30 International Day of Friendship #friendshipday

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