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    Simpler submissions are here with Simple Submission

    March 27, 2024
    by Peachjar |

    You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening! Simple Submission is officially live in the Peachjar Portal and ready for your next upload. We’ve made lots of updates to the portal based on feedback received from you (our users). All of these updates are designed to increase viewer engagement by placing the information they’re looking for front and center. Plus, the process is quicker and easier for you than ever before. Let’s dive into the features and explore what this all means for you.

    Expanded File Formats

    No longer are you locked into using exclusively PDFs. Our system now supports uploaders to submit flyers in the png and jpeg/jpg formats in addition to the existing PDF format. 

    File Formats

    Auto extracted information

    The system will now analyze the flyer and pull information such as title, event address, and contact information. Need to make an edit to that information? Not a problem! Along with extracting information from the flyer, type tags are also automatically associated. Uploaders can also select an additional, second tag if applicable. 

    Auto Extracts


    Multiple CTA Links

    Links are expanded and have more options than ever before. Present up to 5 links for viewers to take action by selecting from an extensive list of link types such as Sign Up, RSVP, Download, Join Meeting, and more. The first link is identified as the Primary Featured Link and uploaders can add up to 4 subsequent Featured Links. This allows you to convey more information to viewers. 

    Multiple Links


    Preview & Check Interactivity

    Want to see how your flyer looks to parents and guardians? Now you can use the Preview Flyer option. Doing this allows you to see how end users will see your flyer and associated information such as title, address, flyer type, and featured links. You can also check your flyer’s interactivity by hovering over Featured Links to test them. 



    Distribution Rounds

    Easily set the number of Distribution Rounds your flyer will make. Utilize the district’s Distribution Schedule to plan the rounds and set the frequency of notifications and flyerboard updates. 

    Multi Rounds

    Approval Process Visual

    Have you ever wondered where your flyer is in the approval process? We’ve added a handy visual of the approval process so you can stay up to date on where your flyer is in the approval or and distribution process.

    Approval Process


    Do you have additional questions about this new feature? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! If your district doesn’t work with Peachjar (yet) and you’d like to learn more about implementing Peachjar at your district to better connect your community, book a demo

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