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    Tracking Your Flyer's Open and Click Rates with Peachjar

    January 18, 2019
    by Cecelia Schwartz |

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    One of the benefits of Peachjar digital flyers over paper flyers is that you receive metrics on every single flyer campaign! Metrics reflect the results of your digital flyer and can be a useful tool for shaping and planning future campaigns as well. Learn how to access and interpret your Peachjar flyer metrics:

    Inside every Peachjar program provider account, you will find the My Flyers button on the toolbar to the left:

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    Above each of your flyer campaigns, you will see boxes containing your flyer metrics.


    Your 'total emails sent' refers to how many parents were sent your flyer via email. 'Total emails opened' indicates how many unique opens the email received, meaning how many different parents opened that email. The 'total clicks' number will tell you the number of times overall your flyer was interacted with by parents. These interactions could be in a variety of ways, such as by clicking on a call to action button, downloading your flyer, and sharing to social media.

    According to Mailchimp, the industry average open rate is 17.8%. Peachjar's average open rate is 40.1% and you get the peace of mind that your flyer is actually reaching parents. Peachjar is a trusted platform by parents because flyers are sent through their child's school. This means all the guesswork about your flyers reaching your intended parent audience is eliminated. Learn how to get started on your digital flyer campaign with Peachjar.
    If you have any questions about metrics or want to receive tips and tricks for ways to improve your open and click rates, we'd love to help! Our super friendly customer support team is available at 858-997-2117.